Monday, September 8, 2008

What Am I Doing?

First, a tip of the hat back to Stratoblogster, who followed my advice and looked into the awesome imagination of that total freak, Mattias IA Eklundh. And yeah, Strat, I guess I'm a roots guy, but the one thing I love more than anything is musicians with a sense of humor, and a guy who would do Kiss like Django, Django like Kiss and transcribe his printer, that guy has humor.

I now need a quiet guitar with big humbuckers. I was picking up a replacement mando and saw a Michael Kelly with EMGs, a maple cap and abalone binding that was just sweet! It's a hardtail, but that's OK for me.

Now, what am I doing?

I'm going through old issues of Guitar Player. Right now, I'm going through a bit on Hot Tele Pickin'. Why? Because I'm into American Roots and Country, and that's a major bit of it.

And I'm finding a major issue with me.

I have a hard time turning notes on paper into notes on fretboard. If I've heard the music and can use the paper to guide me, I can do something more easily. I have a hard time with my paper training, though. Any suggestions on how to work on that, beyond "just work on it"?


Kevin said...

Practice, practice, practice. I like the Berklee method books as a source of reading exercises for the motivated intermediate -- all standard notation, as opposed to tab (and that's good for your soul, too), but learning the notes is easy compared to learning to read timing.

Dave Jacoby said...

Thanks for the note. I'll look into that. I have the Fiddler's Fakebook, which has all sorts of fiddle tunes, and in notation, not tab, because how can you tab a fiddle? Thing is, I hear that it isn't the vanilla versions, and again, I started mostly with things I had heard, and if "Blackberry Blossom" isn't "The Black Page", well, it's black enough for me.

And that's a thing. I am OK on reading notes, I guess. It is the timing, more than the notes, that I struggle with.

And thanks for visiting my blog!