Thursday, August 16, 2012

Stepping Up My Game

There's further religious and philosophical connections to all this, but as a quick and dirty definition, praise songs are the fast songs and worship songs are the slow ones. And this week, the two praise songs have intros that, when I showed up at practice on Tuesday, I didn't know.

Song 1, "You Are Good"

I don't have the time -- I do, but in my hands, not in my head -- but here's the tab.

Song 2, "Reaching For YOu"

I don't have this one remotely as together as the other, which is somewhat ironic, as the other song was assigned to another guitarist, who has stopped showing up to practices. Again, my attempt, with repeated noted cut.

Rather than try to do the tab, I think I'll just link in this other vid.

So, I'll try got get together what this guy has totally together, by Sunday.