Monday, September 22, 2008

Assorted Notes is having a deal on Moog gear. You know it's pricy if they can afford to take $100 off.

To the right is an attempt to get to know my readership. I discovered/realized today that this blog is locked to people who don't have a Blogger or OpenID account. This keeps out the spammers. It also keeps out people who don't want to create a Blogger or OpenID account. Those who would spam are automated and annoying, but unlikely to read my poll. Those who would comment are much more likely to read it and respond.

The musical director wants to expand from two bands (Sunday and Wednesday) to three, so the Sunday band can switch off on occasion. I'm looking at tryouts next week. Yay me!


Stratocat said...

I keep my blog open to anyone, however, I enabled comment moderation so that the comments don't publish without my prior approval.

Dig this: Etavonni flagged my post, and Google de-indexed it. Truth hurts.

Dave Jacoby said...

Yeah, I noticed that about your blog. I've been considering going that way, but I'm not decided.

It seems like my post was de-indexed, too. But search for "etavonni stratoblogster" and your main page still comes up.

Speaking of Etavonni, notice that it seems to have a huge standard-Fender-except-aluminum heel, while most future-oriented guitar companies (Ibanez, Fernandes, just to name two, try to minimize the heel for easier access to the upper strings? I'm relatively sure that, if I ever get to touch one, it'd be a perfectly good guitar, but while it integrates one innovation, it ignores most of the other innovations in the guitar state-of-the-art post-1970.

Hey, I play a slab-with-a-neck guitar with a T. It's got three saddles for degraded intonation and a squeal-and-icepick single coil bridge pickup that hums like it doesn't know the words, just like Leo meant back in 1947. I know what I rock is tradition, not innovation. Doesn't mean I don't know what it is.

Stratocat said...

I deleted the orig. post and pasted into a new one with new title. That's why it re-indexed. Before, there was nothing regardless of what keywords used. And yes, now the index goes to the main blog URL.

This is a player driven market. Even the vintage this is fundamentally player driven. Guitar retailers couldn't give away old Gretch guitars in the 70's. Then MTV and Brian Setzer changed it completely.

If Etavonni goes under, their guitars may gain some novelty collectible value. Otherwise, I don't get it. Consider all that Taylor has put into their new solidbody, but even with their name, they still face positioning challenges. It's crazy!

So what! For that price, I could by 4 Eric Johnson Strats or dozens of multiple combinations of hi-end instruments. Besides players & collecters, who is there? The Dept. of Defense could contract with Etavonni to provide guitars for military installations, kinda like those high dollar toilet seats and hammers. Spray all of 'em camo. Tax dollars at work!

Here I go again...

Stratocat said...

Just hid the navbar, so now I can't get flagged.