Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Only Music Instruction Video You Need


Patrick said...

Ahem. I don't recognize everyone in the list, but I'm pretty sure Bo Diddley, Chet Atkins, Brian Setzer, Django Reinhardt, Eric Johnson, Freddie Green, Malcolm Young, and The Edge aren't sissies. And they play G guitars.
Okay, so maybe Robert Smith is a sissy.

Dave Jacoby said...

Wrong G word, dude.

It's the "All Tele players are fat" bit that really made me laugh.

Also on the not-sissy list, there's Billy Duffy (you gotta search for "Love Removal Machine" and "She Sells Sanctuary" by the Cult), Billy Zoom, Brian Henneman, Elliot Easton, Joe Perry, John Jorgenson, Marty Stuarty, Mike Campbell, Rosie Flores, Mike Campbell and Tom Petty. And Stephen Stills, I still don't like because of the things I heard about his relationship with Judy Collins, but I must admit he's a good player.

Stratocat said...

Why, thas ol' Larry Bill! Hot dahlm buddy buddy!

Y'know, any one of us could be video blogging celebs, but noooooo! We're leavin' it all to Larry Bill! All that fame and attention for Larry Bill!

I don't know where to go from here...
How can I re-invent myself?

Dave Jacoby said...

Set up a youtube account, get a video camera and show the world how the tummy-tuck of a Strat improves on the angling that the necessary fat provides a Tele play.

And go to the pawn ... music shop and get yourself a T guitar and an F amp!