Thursday, September 4, 2008

Long-Haired Freak!

You probably don't know Mattias IA Eklundh.

He transcribed his inkjet printer and wrote a song around it.

He's a complete freak.

His album titles will tell you so.

That's honestly not what gets me. I can listen to him talk to Guitar Player magazine all day and just get inspired. I'm wanting to learn how to tame his stuff and combine his voodoo with my own style.

What gets me is he's playing high-gain guitar and it's absolutely noiseless.

How does he do that?

And, out of curiosity, that scrunchy on the headstock? Greg Howe has one on his headstock, too, in the latest Guitar Player. Is that to keep the neck quiet above the nut? Does it get pulled down to quiet open strings? Is it just to bring a flash of blue? It can't be to just hold his scrunchy until after the gig.


Ken Skinner said...

Long hair, scrunchie... nuff said.

When you wrote about him transcribing his inkjet printer, made me think back to the old bluesmen trying to emulate trains with their harmonicas...

Strange new world. Still, there's a lot of misery surrounding inkjets...

Unknown said...

Noticed you put it in the wrong post?

But you have a point.

But it seems that, dragging it over string-ends, tuner heads and locking nuts, that's a good way to mess up a scrunchie. I'm thinking it's a "mute open strings" thing. Much of my playing is all about the open strings, so I don't know if I could get it into my playing....

Ken Skinner said...

Well, you could always wear hair extensions????

Hey, do you remember when guitarists of merit used to smoke and stick their ciggy behind the strings? I used to think that was so cool when I was a kid. Kind of like miniature fireworks!

I don't think that used to improve playing, though... except by freeing up one's hand, of course.

Unknown said...

I took a cigarette lighter to my first guitar's headstock just for that reason.

My first guitar was a POS Harmony acoustic, and that piece of relicing was by far the least damaging thing I did to that crap guitar.

The coolest thing I've seen is the original of this picture, modified by CW's family. The original has him with no t-shirt (not the cool part) and holding a cigarette between his middle and ring finger. I've thought about learning how to play like that, even though I don't smoke.

Stratoblogster said...

Thanks for the post about Eckhlund! Some kids had been telling me about Freak Kitchen, and I'd been too lazy to check 'em out. This guy is great and has a cool band! Not my normal listening type, but too eclectic & tight to ignore. The vocals, humor and pop hooks take the seriousness right off of those detuned, noise gated, metalshred chords. Solos are out of the box too. Zappa woulda hired this guy in a heartbeat!

How 'bout dot matrix printers?! LOL