Thursday, September 25, 2008

She Controls Me Oh So Boldly

Lori Linstruth has stopped blogging at herself, but her blog is still up, containing great posts on playing. If you are a player, give it a read.

In this post, she repeats the rule on how to play fast, which is, of course, play slow. She posted the above lick, which she says has dogged her for years until she started slow. She finally got to her personal best of 178bpm.

I tried it. It didn't seem that hard.

Until I reread the fine print.

(T)he scenario below involves playing 16th notes at quarter-note setting of 178bpm

I got as far as 250bpm, but I was playing it as eighth notes, picking every click, so really, it was only 125 bpm.

Me at 250 125 beats per minute for one minute.

There's a three-against-four to it that's interesting intellectually, but it doesn't sound like music. At least at 125 bpm. And at 125 bpm, I should have one of those orange triangles on the back of my guitar, indicating slow-moving traffic.

But that's where I am. Lori, where are you these days?

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