Thursday, September 11, 2008

All I Really Wanna Do....

In my last installment, I mentioned how I wanted to be able to fret on the neck pickup when I needed to have the highest E and still have the great harmonics you get from a lowered pickup.

I've had this thought before, but it seems that you could take this, just connect the cover to the bobbin without connecting the magnets, winding wire or anything.

The only downside is that you lose the neck pickup. There are far worse things than having no neck pickup. At least that's my take.

Or I could go the Lace route. Very little magnetism on those puppies.

Not that I'm going to make that jump any time soon. We've gone to acoustics at church, and we're liking that so far.

I so need a second guitar, so I can have one strung with .009s like I have now so I can twang and bend, and one strung with .013s like I like so I get the beefy sound and can be detune-ready and slide-ready, too.

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