Friday, September 12, 2008

The Clack of Train Wheels Running over the Tracks of my Memories

My son has a First Act guitar. Call it a Franken-Strat-o-Tele. Bolt-on Fender-style maple neck with a rosewood fretboard and a 3-and-3 Gibson-style headstock, Tele-shaped body with comfort contours. Vintage-style 6-screw bridge. A bit like this, except black:

And, as built, it had a single bridge humbucker. And it's routed for a single bridge humbucker. And, in a fit of curiosity, he took it all apart and lost lots of pieces, including the pickguard, which being Strat-style, had all the electronics but the jack.

Consider this. A page full of pre-wired pickguards. I'm considering getting one of them. I'm thinking white-on-white sss to make it as Blackie as possible under the circumstances. A $50 GF neck might follow soon after. But the problem is, as mentioned, a lack of route. A friend and sometime commenter here has offered the use of his sawdust-creating technology to excavate the swimming pool route. So, do I return it to being a one-pickup 'bucker, or do I carve it up to add neck and mid?


Patrick said...

Carve it up, not to add neck and mid, but to add sustainer! And whammy!

N.J. said...

It does have whammy, a strat-type thing.

Dave Jacoby said...

I told him offline, so he knew.