Friday, September 19, 2008

Isn't That What Friends Are For?

I'm rockin' a three-saddle Wilkinson bridge these days. And I'm dreaming of the next cool thing to add to my guitar. My thought was "Piezo bridge! I'll make it so I can play acoustic stuff on my electric!"

I thought of that many years ago, true. That is still the thought. I'm not 100% sure that it'll be this Tele, but a Tele of mine at some point will have a piezo bridge.

And I found the picture above on the Trussart site. That, if you look closely is a 3-saddle Graphtech Ghost setup.

Now, go to Graph Tech. Find the Ghost page. You will find no three-saddle piezo bridges.

So I wrote Graph Tech, and Colin Darling wrote me back. Evidently, they could never get it to work with MIDI (the other thing you can do with piezo bridges), so they dropped it.

Can't say I'm happy about that.

What I can say is that received the response an hour and a half after I sent the request, and I figured that if I got word back within this month, I'd be doing good.

So, one day I will have a Telecaster with a piezo bridge. It won't be three-saddle, but it most likely will be Graph Tech.


patrick said...

Purely to satisfy my curiosity, is there a significant tonal difference between three saddles and six? I know that six saddles means better intonation and better control of string height. Apart from not having quite as many screws to twist, is there an advantage to three saddles?

Unknown said...

Really, I should've done some recording with the six before removing it for the three. The main advantage to having the three, to me, on the Tele you know, is to have it be more black. Black bridge on black Tele with black pickguard means black++. If I want to mod that Tele, rather than any abstract Telecaster that might wander into my life, I'll have to go back to the old bridge, find saddles for the new bridge, or go back to the start and find a third new bridge for the mess.

There's more pop to it now, and more icepick, I think, but I could easily be wrong, or it could be the switch between the two bridgeplates, having nothing to do with the saddles.

Stratoblogster said...

Hey Dave, I planned on featuring the Strat today that you sent me the link for. Still waiting more details from Virtual V.

Have a good weekend! Think I'm done bloggin' for a couple days. Stirred the pot pretty good this week!