Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Claw

Most know Jerry Reed as Snowman from the Smokey and the Bandit movies. Pickers know him as a great guitar player. He was called "The Claw" after his incredible finger-picking. Steve Goodman once called his take on "Careless Love" "the world's longest guitar lick".

This was posted to TDPRI by Julie Mason, the wife of Brent Mason:
He passed at home Sunday at 12:15am. Even though his passing was expected due to his decline in the past months and his admission to hospice care - it is still quite a shock. His final request was to be taken home to his room to be with his family until the end. Thankfully it all stayed under the radar long enough for his passing and funeral to be simple and peaceful for his wife and the rest of his loved ones.



Anonymous said...

My favorite line from that movie... "What's she wearin' now?"

Pribek said...

That's sad news. Just an incredible guitar player.