Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Help me!

Derek Trucks is playing at the Vogue in Indianapolis on the 8th.

If I had known, say, a month ago, I could've worked something out.

As it is, I'll have to miss it.

Like I missed Robert Randolph.

What good tools are there to tell you when good bands are coming to your area? Is there a Ticketmaster website that'll warn you? What do you do?


Sammy said...

Both Ticketmaster and Tickets West have reminder email options if you create an account with them. I've received the heads-up on countless shows coming to my area. Also, radio stations will do the same. For smaller bands that may not be utilizing a major promoter, the best place to go, I've found, is their Myspace pages. Also, if your area has one or two regular venues for the type of music you listen to, they may also have some sort of email or text alert system.

Kenski said...

Whatever the issue is... GO SEE DEREK!

I basically sign up to band and ticketmaster etc newsletters. It means you have to sift through some cr*p, but you do tend to see the good stuff.

I'm actually on the dTb email newsletter thingy but I never get anything from them :-(

Dave Jacoby said...

I can see no way to swing it, as much as I'd love to.

Scooter said...

In addition to the Ticketmaster and local venue newsletters, I am checking out http://eventful.com. You set up a profile and get a weekly update of upcoming events, of interest to you, in your area... generally in the next month, but sometimes several months in advance.