Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It Aint' Easy, But Somebody's Gotta Do It

Electric Guitar Review has just been revamped with a cool new look, which does look all kinds of extra cool. I mean, I thought I had some cool in the fridge, but it's gone, and I know where it's gone. Electric Guitar Review's got it!

I've mentioned EGR before, when Cary was starting his Relic Project, where he takes a nice new Baja Tele and beats it up until it looks like someone's been gigging the honkytonks with it since 1952. I picked up a Baja at my local guitar pusher, and it was just the perfect guitar, fitting my hands perfectly and sounding great even before I plugged it in. When the tubes in the amp room warmed up, I found a four-way switch and a toggle on the volume knob that swaps phase, and a great usable sound in that Twisted Tele neck pickup. And to have it broken in? That's just great.

Go take a look at the new look for EGR!

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