Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Not Really Gloating

Gas is $3.38 at the station next to my office today.

Of course, that's $.14 more than where I got gas last night.

Which means I spent $.98 than I would've if I had waited.

But I probably couldn't make it to work if I hadn't got it when I did.


Kenski said...

$3.38 per gallon?

So you'll have heard this all before, but...

You saved an absolute fortune by not filling up in the UK. Prices are running at around $7.05 per (US) gallon.

Last time gas cost as little as $3.38 over here was the mid-'80s!

But then again we're a tiny wee island and there's really nowhere worth driving to anyway :-)

Dave Jacoby said...

The mid-80s, if I recall correctly, was about the time when Americans were beginning to say "I'll never pay a dollar a gallon for gas!"

And I dunno, I think there are a few places on that island I'd like to go, and I'd get frustrated and annoyed while waiting for the trains to arrive and get there.

Sammy said...


I was camping up in the North Idaho woods this past weekend and when I built a fire, I used some newspaper from summer 2004. I like to see what the baseball standings were or whatever.

The front page, top of the fold, had a big article on skyrocketing gas prices. They'd just hit $2.169.

agatzebluz said...

And in France, it is 6,57 $ / gallon !!!
I guess you still have some chance too have so cheap gas. It won't be long until you catch us up.

Dave Jacoby said...

It's $3.22 today.

And sure, agatez, it could hit $7 here at some point, but with all the taxes on European gas, it'll be $20 there.