Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Don't Stare Directly At The Guitar

I'm always thinking about gear and mods. I always think about it because I can't afford to do any of it. It's very safe that way.

One of the mods I'm interested in is adding a piezo bridge to a Telecaster. (Why a Telecaster? Have you met me?) Jeff Miller has one that he made into a MIDI-capable beast. Black with white binding. Just sweet.

But he also made the one above.

The green on that figured maple? Isn't that just sick?


Patrick said...

You know, I don't usually drool over guitars, but that one has me drooling. Possibly because I'm hypnotized, but still I want to see it in person. That guitar is a solid AWESOME CAKE with LUST FROSTING.

Dave Jacoby said...

My first thought for a subject was something about This Will Hypnotize You. I know, that thing is just fully-figured awesome!

Stratocat said...

A Jolly Rancher Apple Stix Tele!!!