Friday, September 5, 2008

Make Up My Mind!

On the one hand, there's the Punch Brothers. That's Chris Thile's post-Nickel Creek band. Bluegrass done by people who like Radiohead and Bach, and right in town, in the neighboring university's playhouse, where I've seen the likes of Kenny Burrell, Herbie Hancock, Doc Watson and Bela Fleck.

On the other hand, there's Susan Tedeschi. Boston blues girl, married to Butch Derek Trucks. In a skeevy rock club in the town where I work. I didn't really like Just Won't Burn, but, A) that was recorded a while ago, and B) that wasn't a live show.

(Butch is Derek's uncle and also an Allman. Sometimes stupid details just slip past. Thanks, Strat!)

On the third hand, there's Marty Stuart. He played mandolin for Lester Flatt. He played guitar for Johnny Cash. He sang and sings duets with Travis Tritt. He can stand on stage with the Flecktones, without knowing the song, and musically hang with them. Plus, his main stage guitar is Clarence White's original B-Bender. But it's in Brown County. I have not actually been to Brown County. Unless I can work something out, it's work, one hour back up to pick up the lovely wife, two hours to the show, then two hours back home. Plus babysitting. And the possibility that I can get Marty to sign The Pilgrim and maybe even get a chance to touch Clarence's #1.

All come to this state in November, and, at best, I can make one. If I start planning on it now. Which would you see? Which should I see?


Pribek said...

I'd go for Lester+Marty. History maker/Legend with added true "event" status.
How many more chance are you going to get?

Dave Jacoby said...

Well, Lester's been dead for only a slightly shorter time than I've been alive. I think he passed in 1975. Nope, 1979, making me nearly a decade old. Anyway, Mr Marty Party is a scant decade older than me, and just a few years younger than Tammy Wynette was when she died. I think there'll be plenty of time to see him again, but I just don't know.

The thing about Marty is this: I like the idea of Marty — a guy who's backed all the masters and came out as a frontman, a guy who, with things like The Pilgrim, can see country as art and narrative, which is the rock way of doing it that's never really taken hold in mainstream country, the absolute master of the instruments with a foot in bluegrass and a foot in twangy rock'n'roll, the keeper of traditions — much more that I actually enjoy his music. He's growing on me, and I'm sure I'll enjoy it, but really, I'm following White's guitar more than anything.

Susan, I'm wanting to enjoy, but it's more, in my mind, a "I wanna see a show" show and less a "I need to see this show" show.

Have you heard of Chris Thile?

Pribek said...

I read it wrong, thought it was some kind of tribute or something. It's just a regular Marty deal, eh?
That adds a degree of difficulty. One thing that's a drag is, it's tough do a spur of the moment kind of thing. Prices and logistics force your hand, you can't just say, "I feel like bluegrass tonight".
I liked "The Pilgrim" a lot but, not enough people felt that way.

Stratocat said...

Correction: Don't print this comment, just know that it's DEREK not Butch Trucks that Susan T. is married to. Derek is Butch's nephew.

I think you already know this but just did a Freudian...

Dave Jacoby said...

Strat: Thanks. Feel kinda foolish.

Pribek: Maybe hip-hop is more singles-oriented than contemporary country, but I don't think so. If someone wanted to make a dark, thematic hip-hop concept album, I don't think it'd sell. And Marty made a dark, thematic country concept album. It just didn't make it.