Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Object Of My Effection

This is it. The instrument I want. That is the Nashville B-Bender Tele. It's got the reverse-wound Strat middle pickup, so you can get the "out-of-phase" Strat second and fourth position in addition to the neck/bridge/both standard Tele wiring. Plus, the B-Bender.

I have gone on about the B-Bender before, but in case you haven't heard it, here goes: by pulling down on the neck, you sharpen the B string up to C#. It's to get pedal steel bends on a normal guitar. Clarence White of the Byrds is the first B-Bender player, but you may have heard the instrument on Led Zeppelin's "All Of My Love" or Metallica's "Unforgiven II".

I have a Tele. I have two, as a matter of fact. But I need the B-Bender.

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