Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Gatton Chord

This is from Danny Gatton's Telemaster! video.
E ---5---
B ---5---
G ---5---
D ---7---
A ---8---
E ---6---
Bass to treble, Bb F A C E A. But what is it? If you just take the high four, A C E A, and you got yourself an A minor. Add the F and you get an F major 7. But that Bb, in the root no less. What does it make it? Bb is the 4th. Normally people shove the 4th in high, not low.

But go play it. Give it a shot.


Sammy said...

Yeah, I'll play it, but on a Les Paul. Hope you're okay with that...

Dave Jacoby said...

I'll live. B)

Cameron Mizell said...

That's a beautiful voicing for BbMaj9(#11). Play that at the end of a tune in F major and then run some A minor pentatonic over it. Very nice.