Saturday, July 25, 2009

At least I was amused

The office goes to lunch on Fridays, and today we were talking about the Kindle. If you haven't been paying attention, there's a company that released a version of George Orwell's Animal Farm and 1984. Amazon released it on the Kindle, but, as it turned out, had no rights for that. In the paper world, Amazon would probably pulp their remaining stock and pay a higher rate for the stuff they sold, but in the electronic world, they could tell your Kindle to delete it. (And credited your account for what you spent.)

It was decided that the big annoyance is the annotations. With the Kindle, you an evidently you can write notes and store them with the source, but whatever you had went away when they deleted it. And that thought inspired a line.

"I've found and elegant solution, but it is too large to fit in the buffer of my Kindle"

That's the joke. That's why I brought it up.

Sad, isn't it?

This evening, I started playing and I noticed that a scratchy, sitar-like tone was coming out when I hit the G on the low E string. Not of F#, not on G#, not on another string. So I poke, and I raise the saddle and reintonate. Problem didn't go away.

I was plugged in. My fretless acoustic was leaning on the side of my amp, but the strings were open. I was vibrating an open string.

How was your day?

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