Friday, July 3, 2009

By the way, Happy Independence Day - 1!

Last night, I played at practice. Lots of B in the new songs. I'll have to go over some things to get them right. We play the first songs fast, man, and I do not have the changes down.

But that's not why I'm posting today.

I have the Danny Gatton Telemaster! video on VHS. Yeah, kickin' it old school here. I play it every couple of years, mostly without a guitar in hand, and just have my mind blown. I tell you now that there's much stuff on that tape I will never be able to play.

And there's stuff I'm getting closer on.

I had my acoustic out. I was at the "Sugarfoot Rag" section, not the organ-faking section, but I started trying to play along. "Sugarfoot Rag" is something I've played at learning for too long — if I spent some time focusing on it, I'd have it down but have no place to play it — so I was trying to hit it. And it sounded odd. In fact, I think I've always thought there was something odd with that tape, but I didn't get it until right then.

Danny isn't in 440. He's flat about halfway to Eb. He's tuned to himself, but not to standard. And you know, now that I know that, it doesn't sound weird anymore.

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