Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Tele Crack'd

This guitar was built for Keith Urban by Yuriy Shishkov of the Fender Custom Shop. (FenderCustom on Twitter.) Inspired by Paul Stanley's shattered-glass Ibanez Iceman, this guitar is built slimmer and lighter to offset the added width and weight of the glass. The body is also arched, so that stage lights will reflect in all sorts of angles.

Look on the FenderCustom TwitPic page and you'll see other pictures, including what is truly the prettiest birds-eye maple neck I believe I have ever seen.


Furtheron said...

Now I like that

Stratoblogster said...

Dave, I hereby officially deem you,
The Tele-Blogster!

Dave Jacoby said...

Thanks, Strat.

Anonymous said...

why oh why do good guitar players like Teles? More of a one-trick pony.