Thursday, July 30, 2009


Parents are in town, so I've been away from the computer a lot. I have, instead, been in the yard, taking down a lot of stuff I should've taken down a while ago, and trying to get my lawnmower working again.

But, we had practice for Sunday on Tuesday, and I'll be playing electric then, which I love. There's one funk-inspired song that really screamed out Nile Rodgers to me, so that's what I'm bringing to the table. And on Wednesday, our normal lead guitar stayed home and crashed (he wakes up for work at 4am or something) so I got to play lead. Or only -- when you're backing a singer, you're going to be playing more harmony and rhythm than taking on lead/melody lines yourself. I tried a double-stop harmonizing bit, as shown in a recent Arlen Roth lesson. I first read about it in one of his instructional books years ago. I'm not sure it sounded right, which makes me wish we could record these things. I might bring along my laptop and hook to a spare position with the in-ear and try to record some of this. That might be cool, but it certainly be instructive.

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