Monday, July 6, 2009

Hitchhiked back from Blue Earth

When I was attending college in South Dakota, just about everyone I knew had the Jayhawks' Hollywood Town Hall, and most everyone also had their Twin/Tone release, Blue Earth. They came to that school once, after I graduated, but I was in the area before I moved on to Indiana, so I saw them there. Truly, the first lick I stole off an album was the opening to "Take Me With You (When You Go)". A favored band, especially their early work.

They're on the cusp of releasing a best-of/rarities comp, Music From The North Country. Also, there's a following reissue of their albums on Sony. Just like their contemporaries, Uncle Tupelo.

Thing is, I am an owner of all the CDs from Blue Earth to Smile (and I might have some of the Bunkhouse LP tracks....) and I don't really want to buy albums again to get the bonus tracks. I have better things to do with my money.

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