Wednesday, July 1, 2009

On Telecaster Culture

But as far as a specific guitar culture goes, it’s hard to find anything more hard core than Telecaster culture. Those Tele cats have a jihad thing goin’ on. You don’t even wanna mess with a Tele geek. They assemble at the TDPRI Compound for gorilla strategies and hard drinkin’. Nice bunch of folks, but don’t ever cross ‘em!
— Stratoblogster


Pribek said...

Yeah, I saw that...are you down with the Jihad Dave?
I think I may head over to the compound and join up.

Dave Jacoby said...

I'm "Satellite Orders" there, because somehow I couldn't get "Sans Direction" to work for some reason, and because Joe Strummer's guitar said "Ignore Alien Orders" and Clarence White's said "Satellite".

I've talked you up a little there. Not too much, as I don't want to make it obvious.

Pribek said...

I'm in, I'll see you at the next strategy meeting.

Cameron Mizell said...

Well shoot, count me in.