Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Terrified and the Tripping

I have a Paul Gilbert instructional video out from NetFlix. I've had it for a while, and I just started back in. Exercise 2 is a decending C bit starting high on the neck.

And, as you know, I play a Telecaster. If there has been an advancement in the design of the electric guitar since 1947, the Telecaster doesn't have it. Including the contoured heel. And I rarely spend time at top of the neck. Sure, I get there, but not regularly and I don't tend to stay there. I'm really understanding why some folks insist on the contoured heel.

But, evidently, as shown in the third part of that YouTube video, Paul thinks the old-school heel gives better tone.

Anyway, I'm hitting this with the metronome, treating it more as a right-hand exercise and sticking to one position, rather than moving it down like the exercise teaches. I'll do that later. I'm doing sixteenth notes with a quarter note at 100BPM right now, working it up. My technique isn't terrifying yet, but I have time.

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