Sunday, October 26, 2008

No Bet

This is a cool idea. The business end is covered with the "this is my guitar, this is my amp emulation" part, and let's face it, we all want good-sounding stuff and really sharp-looking gear, so we'll look and we'll drool over it. But there's no real draw to that. The draw is "here's a cool lick, now learn it and send back a YouTube response". That's inclusive. That's building a fan base. That's cool.

His Laguna is selling for $999. Most signature shred guitars start at half again that, I think. That's cool, too.

Of course, color-coordinating your string-noise-blocking scrunchie with your guitar? That's cool, too.

ETA: I guess it's a regular thing for Guitar World magazine. I haven't picked up a copy in over a decade, so yeah, no surprise I didn't know it's a thing. Is it just my middle-aged Dad ears, are do very few of those sound like music?

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