Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Joy and Sadness

There are really two people who you can blame/credit for me joining the world of guitar blogging.

The first is melodic shredder Lori and Play Like A Girl. The second is Ig, whose IgBlog was the hub of great community of guitar lovers. And, yeah, folks who drooled over Tal Wilkenfeld.

Both left their blogs for a few months. Lori to go manage Arjen Lucassen. Ig went to handle his housge getting hit by a hurricane.

Ig just closed his WordPress account. I'll miss him.

Lori just posted again after way too long. Welcome back!

In other news, my eldest stayed home sick today. Right now, I'm tired with chills. I think I'm sick now. Grr, eldest!

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Furtheron said...

Tal Wilkenfeld - just watched Jeff Beck at Ronnie Scotts on the BBC with her on bass.