Saturday, October 4, 2008

Give Me A P! Give Me An E! Give Me An N!

Clearly, Paul Gilbert is done with boring instructional videos. So, he's gone to strange instructional videos. In Terrifying Guitar Trip, he handles the tuneup contractual obligation by doing it as a Grand Funk ending.

And, clearly, the guy can do whatever he wants with the strings. He's a terrific technical player. So, in order to tap into some of that, I'll get what I can out of this guy. I'll watch his other instructional videos, find what I can on the internet, and more.

But, is it just me, or is there just not much there musically? I mean, I'd rather hear someone like Jay Farrar play an E minor chord than Paul play an E minor arpeggio.

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Furtheron said...

you have to admire the dexterity but ... I'm sort of with you

Joe Satriani works for me as does Alan Holdsworth although he can do my head in with the legato thing but...

You know after years of trying what I'd really like to be taught... How to sound different, how to be recognisable as me. But then if that could be taught someone would make a million :-)