Wednesday, October 15, 2008

On fear of playing non-diatonic notes

"You are never more than a half-step away from a 'right' note." -- Victor Wooten


MooPig_Wisdom said...

We have some very energetic musicians on stage at our Church. Sunday mornings I like to sit up front to watch the dynamics of the players.

I never got to sit front row at concerts in the old days. But now in front row, this way I get to see and hear the "incidentals" and quarter steps, scoops and repositions.

That saying "you're never more than a half step from the right note" should be the mantra of all live performances. Thanks for the thought today, Sans D.

Kenski said...

For me it could be modified to 'You're OFTEN half a step away from the right note'.

When I finally hit the right note at the right time I plan on just squeezing that sucker for as much juice as I can get out of it!

Stratocat said...

Dave, You gotta hear this-- Mattias Eklundh playing Kiss'- Detroit Rock City in the style of Django:

I'm beside myself. Literally, looking at myself from across the room.

Dave Jacoby said...

I have the Freak Guitar albums. Well, dubs of them, but anyway. I've loved that track for years.

Stratocat said...

I've been listening to bits & pieces. On one tune he was playing like Chick Corea back in the No Mystery stuff. He does that Jan Hammer stuff too. Then I discovered that Shawn Lane did a lot of that too. Both Lane & Eklundh have Mahavishnu bassist Jonas Hellborg in common-- Hellborg took both to India. It's crazy I tell ya!