Thursday, October 23, 2008

On the subject of poets being our unelected legislators

"You should not let poets lie to you" — Björk


Stratocat said...

Dave, I majorly reworked that hi-falootin vibrato post and even deleted the original for indexing and RSS reasons. I caught your comment and pasted it into the new comment thread, however the links didn't live thru it.

That wimpy little PG vibrato article sent me into a caffeine binge rampage which resulted in that post.

What would I do without those folks?!

Dave Jacoby said...

This is the vid.

Yeah, I can imagine how that just wasn't enough for you. And if it wasn't for them, you'd post picks of Strats on Friday and the occasional YouTube Strato-Relative. Which is good and fine and great.

Stratocat said...

Looks like a number of Lori's vids are gone. She has some cool stuff, including instructional ones. She uses her trem for Schenker-like vibrato on single notes. Ironically, she just started posting again at her blog after a long hiatus.

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