Monday, October 20, 2008

More evidence to support my theory

that we'll see democracy in China before we see Chinese Democracy.


Pribek said...

"more than $300,000 was spent over a seven-month period redoing drum bits note-for-note after Josh Freese left the band."
Best argument that I've seen that the record will be released. Lot of dough to keep a guy's name off of a record.

MooPig_Wisdom said...

I am going to the pick and pull out on highway 21 tomorrow, and get me a Tom Waits Kit..

Dave Jacoby said...

Jack, if that wasn't a decade ago, that would hold more weight.

MP, B)

Keith said...

Hey now that it is being released.. at least on release date if we all head over to we can all get a free coupon on that day for a 20 oz dr pepper, lol. One good thing on it.. myself, I wasn't too excited about the single I heard on the radio.

Dave Jacoby said...

Not the biggest Dr. Pepper drinker, but I'll crank "Rocket Queen" and suck it down.

I refused to buy to Use Your Illusion and I'll refuse to buy this one.