Monday, February 1, 2010

Yeah, It Just Might

Just got It Might Get Loud from Netflix. I was a little tired when I queued it up, so I missed a little, so I will give it more viewings, but there's some things that I will get into now.

In the first few seconds of this clip, Jack White demonstrates the creation of a diddley-bow is a way-cool thing. I should make one. And unlike some of the things I dream up, this is well within my technical and financial capabilities. Well maybe not the pickup, at least today.

They cut "Kashmir". Edge, White and Page were jamming on "Kashmir", and that did not make the film.

When I first thought about this movie, I thought that, yeah, Jimmy Page and Jack White are a good match. There's lots of common ground there. But the Edge is much more about using the effects than the guitar. Not a bad player, to be sure, but in a different class than the other two. But he works well in context. Having see it, I cannot fault the choice.

I find it interesting that they end this playing "The Weight" by the Band. Seriously, as the credits roll, they're singing and playing acoustic guitars. Dropped to G, opposed to the A it was recorded. And they took a few verses before they realized it was G Bm C and not G Em C. I think that's hilarious. And seeing how they're primarily electric players, I noticed that they all play the Bm as x24432. I've started to play the Bm7 as x2020x in most situations, x20x0x if the seventh is just wrong.

I'll have more later. But if only for the archive footage of the Dragon and the newer shots of the Tele with a Jazzmaster tremolo, this movie gets two thumbs up from the Tele-blogster.

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