Sunday, February 7, 2010

Advanced Strap Lock Substitute

I have done it.

I have seen it on TDPRI. I have thus blogged it. And now, I have done it.

Those are Danco faucet washers, stock number 61805B. I couldn't find 'em at my local Ace, but they were at Menards. They're rubber, so they stretch over the button, and once they're there, they're not coming off. 67 cents.

As you see, I have 'em on Tila, my blonde guitar, but I might swap them with the Schaller strap locks on my #1.

1 comment:

Sammy said...

Great tip! I've tried other washers and just couldn't get them to work due to thickness and other issues. I'm writing this part name/number down. Thanks Dave!