Friday, February 5, 2010

How Low Can You Go? Pt II

That's a new set of strings from Dunlop. And before I get into it, I'll talk about my life of strings. I'm a hardtail guy, which has given me license to go as heavy as I dare. I once had White Bronze acoustic strings on my #1 Tele. I can do blues bends on heavier strings, but when I decided to try to pick up some more of the James Burton chicken-pickin' bend stuff, I went from Not Even Slinky to Super Slinky. And I asked "Where did my tone go?" Right now, I'm rocking Regular Slinky, which to remind you is .010. I think that's about as low as I can go, between the tone loss and the unintentional string bends.

But I'm not the Reverend Willie Gibbons.

He's dropped down to .007. And, as I said, Dunlop's selling 'em. I think I need to get a guitar with way powerful pickups to even make it worthwhile. But I think I'll have to give 'em a shot at some point.

Thanks to Wired for the pic.

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