Saturday, February 13, 2010

New Gear Coming

I have some wire, a mono jack, a solid-shaft volume pot, a solid-shaft no-load tone pot, a 4-position switch, an orange-drop cap and a black pickup cover coming to me from Guitar Parts Resource. I am going to be rewiring my #1.

I have been in the process of murdering out that guitar, a 1988 MIJ Fender Tele, for the last few years. I have a black control plate and knobs, a black Wilkinson dual-loader bridge and a black-white-black pickguard from Guitar Fetish, which got me most of the way. I had, for a while, planned for black Gotoh tuners and black string tress from GFS and a GraphTech nut as the next change, but those are the sort of things that give you a highly-modified guitar that is fundamentally identical to stock. (Not to say this won't happen. I think all-black hardware is just the thing.)

A while ago, I bought a second Tele-style guitar, and a big reason I did was so I'd have a functioning electric guitar while I have my #1 disassembled and unwired. I didn't want to be left high and dry and without an instrument.

I suppose I should mention the Wilkinson dual-loader bridge. On another guitar, it would allow me to switch between top-loading and string-through each time I restring. But my #1 is a top-loader. When I think Tele, this is the instrument I think of. And part of what you get with a top-loader is slinkier strings. Jim Campilongo says it. Brad Paisley has his Crooks set up with the E and B strings top-loaded to get that. And Billy Penn of 300 Guitars modified a Glendale bridge to try that. Honestly, I went from .009s to .010s because I thought they were too slinky.

Anyway, the mods coming up are more about the coming rewiring, so I'll try to blog that process. Maybe with some video, too.

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