Sunday, February 28, 2010

Observe my main guitar.

It's in a state.

I have removed the bridge. I have placed a black cover on the neck pickup. I have Fender 250K volume and tone pots (the tone pot being a no-load) and a 4-position switch. The jack is wired in and installed. Since this is a top-loader (if you look closely, you'll notice), I haven't pulled the strings when I pulled the bridge, and I don't want to deal with the neck yet. Otherwise, I could probably put the bridge back on, winding the bridge ground around a screw.

But I'm confused about wiring. There's the Fender schematic and the Seymour Duncan schematic, and while I've started doing the SD schematic, I don't understand switches enough to translate.

So, this is where it will stay for now.


Furtheron said...

Don't get the disconnect the neck pickup black wire from the cover... eh! I was okay up to that point... The Fender one I can't follow at all

Dave Jacoby said...

The current state of my guitar is wired up, working, but every switch position is either parallel or serial. I can get signal by hitting a TV zapper right above the pickups in every switch position. Which means I did it wrong.

I have had something in my head that explains why the PU cover gets grounded separately. I forget it now. I never strongly got it, though.