Sunday, February 14, 2010

Gathering Thoughts

I'm sitting at Outback, waiting for the beeper to go off. I don't expect the table for another 40 minutes.

This is as much a diary as anything else, so hello mundane details.

K's on a hunt for hot dogs to feed the kids, seeing how we have the huge wait, so I'm sitting, watching the cute couples stand in line.

I played today. It was good. Between services, I toldthe others the DVD I blogged about and how I thought I did horribly and the drums and bass were great. The leader told us about how he used to do the video editing too, and he'd wince at every little thing too. He showed the other band a service and they had two main thoughts: "too fast" and "I threw clams like a fisherman".

Makes me wonder about my heroes. Did Jimi think the first lead on "Watchtower" was crap? Does Clapton pull out the Beano album at alll, and does he still like what he did?

It makes me wonder. If I had expectations of going pro, I think I'd have to tape and critique everything, but right now, I can accept avoiding some of that self-critique.


Furtheron said...

I think that inclination is in many of us - if not all.

However I've worked hard to listen to others. When they say "That was good" or "I really liked that" or they respond to your "this was bad, that was rubbish" etc. with "No it wasn't, at least I didn't notice" etc. take it. They don't have to give the comments do they and generally they do genuingly mean them

It is good to be self critical in terms of it being constructive for your own development but not to the point of distructing the whole thing... I've spent plenty of time over the years doing that.

Dave Jacoby said...

Very good advice there. It is easy to talk yourself into hating everything you do, but that isn't helpful for anything.