Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday Night Cage Match/Fondue Party/Evolving Conversation/Dancing About Architecture/Floating Crap Game Volume 3

First, a reminder, you must must must MUST MUST MUST claim responsibility with your response should you want to host the cage match. That's important.

Second, it seems that I overreached a little, picking the two giants of jazz trumpet and asking who was taller. Nobody today can even see that high, I suppose. Today, I will set my sights a little lower, a little more approachable.

First, a little context.

Do we all have that? Do we know what the core of this is?

Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck or Jimmy Page


Stratoblogster said...

Of the three, Clapton is the best Blues musician, Page is the best songwriter and Beck the most progressive & pioneering instrumentalist.

Even Jimmy Page is my least favorite strictly as a guitar player, I'm voting for Page because there are plenty of innovative Blues and Progressive Fusion guitar players. But I think the Led Zepplin song catalog is more unique and far reaching into the culture.

I'd rather listen to Beck and Clapton-- in that order. Especially live, because Zep sucked live. But songwriting is a big deal, so between Page's compositions and the Zep studio recorded arrangements, Page is the broader artist of the three.

Pribek said...

Yardbirds in order of Yardbirdy grooviness...

1. Jeff Beck
2. Eric Clapton
3. Jimmy Page

Gary said...

For me, Jeff Beck - his "Guitar Shop" CD is a must-own for any guitar player - and have you seen his new "Ronnie Scott's" DVD?
Happy to host this thing anytime too

MooPig_Wisdom said...

You know Jeff Beck and I go back a long way... he played guitar, and I bought all his music... and everyone around me as well bought it, and that is a major thing when we all had to rob the Seven-Eleven and return coke bottles to get enough money, back then.

"Beck stopped regular use of a pick (plectrum) in the 1980s. He produces a wide variety of sounds by using his fingers and the vibrato bar on his signature Fender Stratocaster, although he frequently uses a wah-wah pedal both live and in the studio. As Eric Clapton once said, "With Jeff, it’s all in his hands". (WKPD)

This is a cage match after all, and even though Jeff Beck is a Limey, I think he is the Chuck Liddel of the three, and could whip the other two in back to back three round, five minute each, mixed Fender guitar arts... cage matches.

No Plectrums :: Will Travel

Mostly because of the Yardbirds era, and at age ten he sang in the church choir, my final answer -- Jeff "unwound G string" Beck. [pdnf]

Dave Jacoby said...

Jack, I'm glad to see you online again.

Of the 3:

Jeff Beck is the one whose career I know the least.

Jimmy Page is the one whose band I maintained a fast of from mid 80s to the early 2000s.

Eric Clapton is the one I followed most closely, whose music never drove me away.

I could step back, go with the total RRHOF count, which I believe is Clapton 3 (Yardbirds, Cream, solo), Page (Yardbirds, Led Zep), Beck (Yardbirds, solo). Separate inductions for Derek and the Dominos and Blind Faith are possible, some might argue necessary, but the more I think of it, the more that just doesn't make sense.

I know, chords and a few licks, to a few Led Zep things. "Rock 'n' Roll". "When The Levee Breaks". (IV was the only one I ever gave serious repeat listens to before I stepped back.) I know the rough outline to "Layla". But I really know, up to the modulation, the Jeff + Rod take on "People Get Ready". I started to pick up the idea of soloing, of melody, by picking it up from Jeff Beck.


MooPig_Wisdom said...

The "core" of this rancor then, is in the grander scheme, "one" will always rise to the very top of the guitar stringers?

I like it. Da' dice have been rolled -- Seems Beck is the one on top at least for today, [even if he is a Limey:: oh wait all three are bloody Limey's... "Papa -- it's another Invasion"]!! This is the floating crap game after all.

So, take that and shove it in your rolling stone dayglow pipe and smoke it? !!

MooPig_Wisdom said...

We're near N State St and Madison, here in Chicago. We are hunkered down in the alley rolling craps against the building.

The guys are rolling against ticket purchases for the following:
Concert Tickets
The Dead
Fall Out Boy
5/15 Keith Urban
5/29 Yanni
6/12 Andrea Bocelli
6/17 Eric Clapton
May Leonard Cohen
May Queensryche
Sat May Bryan Adams
Sun May Chris Botti
Fri May Keith Urban
Sun May India.Arie
May 19 An Evening with Il Divo
Thu May 21 Andre Rieu
Thu May 28 Charlie Rose, James Carveille, Carl Rove
Fri May 29 Yanni Voices

I just rolled snake eyes and I have put Charlie Rose, James Careville, Carl Rove tickets on the next roll. No one likes my bet, since Eric Clapton and Queensryche are in the pot...

what do I do? floating crap games are tough to figure; i ain't lying.