Saturday, May 2, 2009

Do Guitar Necks Grow On Trees?

For those considering getting an SX from Rondo and using it as a modification platform, I have a few words of warning.

The stripper will not take off the SX label.

The stripper will do a number on the nut, so pull that first, or expect to replace it with a bone nut or something at a later date.

And the stripper will do a number on your position dots. A couple of mine are now about half-gone.

But it looks good, doesn't it? Now it'll air out some, then it'll get sanded down some, then I'll go with tru-oil or tung oil. Don't really know which at the moment. But it's coming together.

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Anonymous said...

note about strippers...

first: they can get you in trouble with your wife

second: be sure that you sand thoroughly. if a trace amount of the stripper is left on the surface, it will continue to strip the new finish off after it has been applied.

from my experience, the best way to remove finish from a neck or body is by old fashioned elbow grease and sand paper. start at 150 grit and finish at 220