Monday, May 4, 2009


Pearl dots made me think of pearl buttons.

Pearl buttons made me think of pearl buttons.

The tentative name for the beast is "Satellite". The instrument I am leaning toward emulating with this one on has two banjo tuners on it, to get a quick and easy transition to D and G. At least when Clarence played it. Now that Marty has it, he has them on the E strings and just goes to drop-D.

Pearl dots? $7 for 10, plus shipping.

Pearl buttoned tuners? $25 for a set.

Pearl buttoned banjo tuners? $80 for a set of 2.

Plus of course $200 or so for the Hipshot B-Bender that I'll need to catch the flavor.

I won't hit this all at once, but by Crom, I shall have it.


MooPig_Wisdom said...

Sometimes I leave the spatula in between the grill and flame just to help with "flavor."

Woodshed -- cool remembrance, and completely 'Marican. The woodshed is a place in time historically acknowledged as a place for proliferation of new 'Marican's cross-breeding, as well as a symbolic architecture for corporal punishment... It also is a place where Papa grinds his ax, and stores the kindling.

I would like to point out that once in my travels through the middle of 'Marica, a Missouri man took me and another fellow foreigner out to his shed, where he kept his best moonshine. "After work this is where I go," he said.

Woodshedding, is as 'Marican as UFO's.

MooPig_Wisdom said...

my comment is in the wrong place.. oops