Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Crossing Over

At about 3:10, you'll hear Jake E. Lee dive bomb the low E on his Charvel.

Jake E. Lee.

Doesn't really have a Floyd Rose on that Charvel of his, does he? Do they even make Charvel guitars without Floyd Rose bridges?

And where does a guy get that idea? A raging shredder, holding the spot on Ozzy's stage that Randy Rhoads held before and Zakk Wylde would soon take. Where might he get such a thing?


(I would've used a Buck Trent video, one showing off the P90-loaded banjo he has that sounds like a Telecaster should, but I couldn't find one that was embeddable. So, J.D. Crowe gets the nod.)

Now that's pretty specific tuning, isn't it? Right on. Jake has said in interviews that it was not a sure thing that he'd tune that E right on return, but by the end of the tour, he'd get it right most of the time. J. D. Crowe did it, over and over again.

He had help. Either Bill Keith's tuners or the knock offs. You set two screws, which lock an uptuned and downtuned position.

(I bet he's going to bring up Clarence White about now. That's about how he goes.)

Clarence White put a set on his guitar, on the E and A. This would let him go to Drop D (DADGBE) or pretty close to Open G (DGDGBE). (Theory is, I understand, that you keep your high solo strings the same but can drone on the low strings. Marty, as you see, has them set on the E strings, which allows him to drop both to D (DADGBD).

Are there other ways to do it? Yeah.

But with Scruggs tuners, you can put 'em on all six strings.

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