Monday, February 11, 2008

Wantin' something but I don't know where it is

First off: Can you even get a Fernandes Sustainer 401 anymore? The one with three knobs, a mix position on the switch and a single-coil-sized driver? I'm becoming more and more in love with the idea of the Sustainer. I'm even pricing out hot stacked humbuckers for the bridge position of my Tele. (I hate the look of non-stacked Tele humbuckers. It's a thing. You might sound great with 'em. I still want a stacked HB or single-coil.)

Of course you can put a HB-sized driver in your Tele. I don't particularly want to take a router to my Tele, and if I don't gotta cut a swimming-pool route, I don't wanna. Sure, I'll need one for the controls. Sure, I'll need one for the battery compartment. I know this. But a Tele's always had a single coil or less at the neck, and I like that.

Which gets me to another "I don't wanna" moment. I don't want to route for and put in another knob. I don't want to crowd up the control plate with three knobs. I've seen the Brent Mason Tele, and three knobs is one too many. So, that leaves me deciding what I want to leave pegged. This guy didn't use his tone knob. I do. But I have a volume pedal on my effects unit, and I don't really expect to ever play without one.

So, a guitar without a volume knob. How weird is that?

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