Wednesday, February 20, 2008

PDF Help, or For a Post Title Less Interesting

Joe from From The Woodshed pointed me to the Steve Vai 30-Hour Workout. I'm at a stage in my life where 10 hours a week is an unusually large amount of pracice time, so I haven't hit it hard, but I grabbed the PDF off a site and saw that there's a lot in there that's useful, even if you have little interest in his style of rock.

Thing is, my PDF skips from page 82 to page 86. And thus, it reads like this: The five note minor pentatonic scale and its derivative, the six-note minor blues scale, form the foundation of the vocabulary of rock lead guitar playing. The minor pentatonic scale is cleaner with every strum; it will get better. William S. Burroughs would call that a cut-up. I would say that there's some content missing there, and I would think it's important information. Can anyone hook me up with pages 83-85?


Joe said...

Hi Dave,

I believe I have the same PDF file. But I also found the article in jpgs somewhere. Turns out you're only missing one page:

Dave Jacoby said...

Thanks! And seeing that I downloaded the article after seeing your posts on trying it out, I'm sure that we have the same PDF.