Saturday, February 16, 2008

The flames in the furnace of desire are pretty well stoked

It starts with Tom Petty. So much of my musical appreciation starts with him.

One of his videos from the Southern Accents. "Make It Better (Forget About Me)". A small Petty crawls in some girl's ear, and the Heartbreakers kick it out in her brain. He wears cool glasses with different-shaped lenses. Petty plays a blond Rickenbacker.

Mike Campbell plays a white Vox Mark III.

It looks like an egg with a neck.

Forget all my previous lists. I would like the exotic superstrat. I wouldn't mind owning a black Les Paul. A Trussart Telecaster would be nice. But I want a Vox Mark III.

And, evidently, they are being reissued.

It's a freakin' egg with a neck! How cool is that?

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