Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Can't Buy A Thrill

I got this from my friend Ig at IgBlog, who got it from GuitarFlame. So, limiting myself to five guitars I'd like to own:

  1. A 00-style steel-string acoustic 12-fret slothead with sitka top and mahogany back and sides. No kerfing, no inlays, good electro-acoustic setup because why not, but no guilding the lily, just fine guitar made from top-of-the line wood.
  2. A righty sunburst Stratocaster with a lefty Floyd Rose. And maybe, as Richard Thompson has one of his wired, separate volume knobs for each pickup. No tone control, no selector switch.
  3. We're dreaming, right? So price is no object? A 1920s Gibson L-9 non-cutaway. Maybe with an electrified bridge. Maybe.
  4. I know what I want, but I am not sure how I want it. A Gibson Les Paul. Black, looking like the guitar on the cover to Al DiMeola's Elegant Gypsy. Black, white and chrome. I'd either want it with low action and wimpy .009s or I'd want it set up heavy with high action so I can play slide. My other LP heroes (besides Al, and Les himself, of course) are slide players playing sunburst. I still want mine black.
  5. My dream Frankentele. Baritone neck. B-Bender, except with the baritone, that'd kick it back to F# or something. Sustainer setup. And for giggles, we'll make it a Trussart Steelcaster with perforations through the front big enough that you can see the Bender move when I pull on it.

I, of course, reserve the right revise, extend and ignore this list at any point.


Bibi said...

Very interesting these Trussart guitars!! Nice to have one in your collection!

Dave Jacoby said...

If only I were so affluent.