Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I See A Red Door

My Telecaster is a late-80s MIJ, with a white MOTS pickguard and a top-loader bridge. I like it. I like the neck (except for the finish, which is too thick and will never look like Brownie on the back cover of Layla).

But there are things I didn't really like. The white MOTS pickguard, specifically. I pulled it off, and now I'm going without.

But soon, every soon (bwahahaha!) I will have a black/white/black pickguard. I will have black knobs. I will have a black control plate.

Why all the black?

Look at his Strat. Black body. Black pickup covers. Black knobs. Black pickguard. OK, yeah, big CBS headstock, but that's OK. In a decade full of superstrats with reverse pointy headstocks saying Ibanez, Charvel and Jackson, this is a cool mainstream Fender guitar. And I can get most of the way there through non-invasive changes to the knobs and plate and pickguard.

The next steps I want to do are get a black Tele pickup cover and a black Trilogy bridge to make it all black. Plus replacing my slightly microphonic bridge pickup with a Seymour Duncan Hot Stack. But it's much more expensive and much more invasive to get to that point.

How much more black could it be? The answer is none more. None more black.

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