Thursday, January 24, 2008

It's a guitar. I want it.

This guitar was built by a guy from Hungary from Warmoth parts. Obviously, he's a Tele picker and Van Halen fan. Considering Frankenstein, I'd have put some black in the painting. I also would've given it Esquire wiring with the hottest bridge pickup I could find. And a Bigsby, because even if they suck, you need some sort of whammy bar if you're going to pretend to play Eddie's axe.

But, beyond the Floyd Rose, Frankenstein is such a throwback to the Esquire way of doing things. The third position on the switch is the way Eddie wired it: pickup to volume to endpin, with no playing around with tone. Everything you got, direct to the amp.

This guitar is more to my liking. It's reminiscent of the Ibanez Floral JEM, but it's more itself. And it's within delta of what I want to do to my Tele, should I ever get a #2 axe which would allow me to experiment with my #1.

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