Tuesday, December 22, 2009

OK, Maybe Not Any 15 Year Old Punk

There was a time where George Lynch was as big a star in my pantheon as Eddie and Yngwie. And look at his picking hand, the way his fingers poke out. I can and have identified him in instructional videos just from his hands. Dave Navarro was kinda the next generation for me, even if it was just four years from Tooth and Nail and Nothing's Shocking. Dokken was one of the first of the hair metal bands, although there was always something more about them, and Jane's Addiction was the first time that alternative rock started to crawl into the pop charts, a work eventually finished by Nirvana.

That's two heroes from two eras of my life coming together. And I can show you a major scale.


Anonymous said...

Two things: It's good to see Navarro sound so humble. Two, the "in between the dots" within the blues box tips from Lynch are awesome tips.

Oh, one more thing: Merry Christmas to you and happy New Year!

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Sammy said...

oops, new laptop. sorry. This was regular reader Sammy.

Unknown said...

It is a cool interview, isn't it?