Monday, December 28, 2009

A Few Notes with Nels Cline

1) What's the name of the girl pasted onto the "hippy paint" Jaguar? I didn't quite catch it.
2) Is that bit at about 7:50 musical for anyone else but me?
3) A Roy Rogers guitar being used by near-free guitarist Nels Cline? How cool, on a standard 1-10 scale?
4) I have the bridge cables on my #1 Tele, which I designated to be the lightly-strung Tele in contrast to my Rondo, whose bone nut I had cut for Not Even Slinky strings. I have 2 packs of standard Slinky (.010s) just waiting to be installed. The bridge cables are Dean Markley Nick Catanese strings and they still sound good, but ... at the moment, I don't have anything that's slinky and part of what I want to play really likes slinky.
5) In the spirit of this, the earlier John 5 gear tour from Premier Guitar (did I post that one?), I think I'll make vids of my collection.

Yes, #4 isn't really about the video, and #5 isn't really a question. So be it.

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