Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's A Guitar...

So I want it. Of course I want it. Pawn shop put a tag saying $500, which is good for a pedal steel. K saw it and said "Don't you have one of those?" The one I have is a lap steel, or maybe you can say a table steel. It has legs. It doesn't have pedals. It's a 10-string thing, but it has one neck. The cool steel guys have two necks. Still, I so want.

This is much more practical. A Parker P38. It has that piezo, and I am more and more curious about using that to add some percussive attack to a compressed and overdriven guitar sound, or to just sound acoustic. Looking around eBay makes me think that, should it work, that $350 for such an instrument is eminently reasonable.

Neither one followed me home, though.

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