Thursday, December 31, 2009

It might be the headphones. It might be the gear. But you gotta test something.

Lately, the last few weeks, I've noticed when playing out that there's a really annoying high-end bit that sounded really off to me. I've been pulling out the number one, and I've thought something was off. I tweaked the knobs, stomped the boxes, but I couldn't find a way to get a sound I liked to hear. I'm not a big tone chaser, but if you absolutely can't stand your tone, your playing suffers.

But I think I have identified the problem.

The headphones.

You see, we've just switched to wireless packs for Wednesdays and we've had Aviom for Sundays, so I've been plugging in to hear myself forever. And it struck me that every time I've been confounded by this problem, I've had that same set of headphones on. So, tomorrow I will A/B the system and see what's up.

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